Awesome Kid's Club
Plant the seeds of memories that will last a lifetime.


For every milestone, we're there with you

Whether it's kindergarten, high school or university; moving on to the next chapter is always exciting. Your special day should be just that; special. With Memory Tree, you can spend more time enjoying those special moments as we guide you through the planning, hosting and implementation of the perfect day to represent your school. 

Event Planning


Let us help you plan and implement the perfect day to celebrate this milestone. Work with our team of planners to find the perfect space, decorate, design and host your ceremony. 

Caps and Gowns

Walk up to the stage in style in our signature caps and gowns. Choose the color, sizes and amount of caps and gowns sourced from our trusted suppliers here in China. 



Share the big news with your friends, family and the world! Send out postcards and announcements to invite people to the big celebration and have professionally designed programs for the big day.