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The Shanghai Show

4 | Brian Tock

On this episode:

  • The gang starts off by discussing the three tv shows they couldn't live without

  • Our fine sponsor Uncle Ganbei's Signature Baijiu teaches us why quality matters in our baijiu

  • A sit down with Brian Tock where we discuss:

    • His background and how he ran in similar circles as Canadian Dreamboat/Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

    • What brought him to Shanghai and how he got in to the smoked meat business

    • An exclusive discussion about what happened on that fateful day when his restaurant was taken away from him

    • Future projects he's working on 

  • Lea gives us the news featuring: 

    • #ThisIs2016: A New York Times contributor starts a hashtag for Asian Americans to share the racism they've experienced in America

    • Bob Dylan winning the Nobel Prize for Literature

    • The number of Chinese billionaires surpassing the United States

  • Recommendations for the Week: Ofo Bikes (MoBike competitor), Wanimal Exhibit (here) and La Petanque's Mussel Deal. 

 From Left to Right: Jorge Castellanos, Brian Tock, Charlie Cooper

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