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The Shanghai Show

3 | Shanghai's # 1 Bad Boy

On this episode:

  • Did Charlie go to Korea just to hang out with American Navy guys?
  • Charlie turns in to a Chinese grandma on vacation
  • Lea tells us about Train to Busan
  • Shanghai's #1 Bad Boy comes in to the studio to teach us how to be more badass by:
    • teaching us how to take a girl on a date
    • how to pick up single moms at the Baby Gap
  • Lea gets in to the news of the week:
    • Donald Trump did something offensive! Can you believe it?
    • Robert De Niro wants to punch the Donald in the face
    • Fox News sticks by an offensive video where a frat douche goes to NYC's Chinatown to talk to 90 year old women. 

Recommendations for the week: Go to Korea! Buy a house in Wuxi...or just go to visit a cool, hip area, check out the JZ Festival this week AND Jorge will be performing on October 15 at Kung Fu Komedy opening for the very funny Kent Kedl. Check it out here 

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