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The Shanghai Show

8 | Baconfest

 This crocodile died for your sins

This crocodile died for your sins

On this episode:

  • We break down the new Expat Rating system and try to figure out our rating
  • Apologies for Expats for Trump
  • Interviews out at BaconFest with:
    • Amelia's Cafe
    • James Sing of Kakadu
    • Ken Walker of Bubba's BBQ
    • Matt and Natt from Ruijin Cajun
    • Bibi the Queen of BaconFest
    • Rachel from CityWeekend
    • and many more!
  • Lea breaks down the news of the week
    • Someone was apparently elected President in the USA
    • Single's Day; aka how Alibaba made 100 kajillion dollars in 10 seconds
    • India gets rid of 500 and 1000 rupee bills
    • all of that and more
  • Recommendations for the Week: 
    • Shanghai DragFest
    • Ang Lee's new movie
    • Marks and Spencer failing in China sale!

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