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The Shanghai Show

9 | Dani Girl

On this episode:

The gang starts off by discussing:

  • How we're getting too old to go out late
  • The horrors of seeing the sunlight when you leave a bar/club
  • Why Jorge loves musicals so much
  • A word from Rolling Bowling (Coming to Shanghai November 25 at Yuyingtang)

We then sit down with the cast of Dani Girl from East West Theatre where we discuss

  • A snippet of the beautiful song Side by Suicide
  • A discussion with the cast about the play, their favorite parts of their characters and we play another round of Push the Button

Lea then hits us with the biggest/craziest news stories of the week

  • The aftermath of the Indian rupee withdrawal
  • Hell hath no fury like an Indian man when you text his wife
  • Korea's attempt at limiting perverts recording women in bathrooms
  • Kim Jong Un isn't happy about being called fat in China 
  • and much, much more!

Recommendations for the Week: Dani Girl coming up soon! Rolling Bowling live at Yuyingtang November 25, MoBooks and eating Thanksgiving dinner with your friends and not at a restaurant!

VIDEO: Dani Girl - Side by Suicide

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VIDEO: Interview with the Cast of Dani Girl

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