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The Shanghai Show

1 | Concrete and Grass

Photos (Credit: Janna Austin)

On this episode:

  • Comparison of their experiences at Concrete and Grass (the one everyone went to) vs. Shalanaya (the hippie festival)

  • The Shallows: Shark with a crush + sexy women = biggest turn-on?

  • They then travel to the Concrete and Grass music festival where they interview:

    • Archie Hamilton – Split Works, Concrete and Grass

    • Christine – Spread the Bagel

    • Matt & Nate – Ruijin Cajun

  • Profiling: The Game | A not-at-all offensive game of trying to guess what people do for a living based on their festival wear and inaccurate value judgements.

  • They finish off with Zoey Gao sharing the News of the Week.

  • Recommendations of what to check out this week

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