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TSS | 16 | Shanghai vs. Seoul

On today's episode:

Confucius, Kant, Nietzsche, Plato, Jorge, Charlie and Lea...the greats have debated this age old question for Millenia. Is Shanghai or Seoul a better place for expats to live? 

On today's episode we begin our series called "Shanghai vs." where we pit Shanghai against some of the greatest cities on Earth to debate whether we are just being biased or whether Shanghai really is as awesome as we think it is. 

We brought in some heavy hitters from around the Shanghai scene that have also lived in Seoul to discuss their thoughts. Topics covered:

  • Culture
  • Food/Drink
  • Sex Life
  • Travel Options
  • Quality of Life
  • Tourist City or Livable City?
  • Baijiu vs Soju

Listen in as Sean Joyce, Janna Austin, Devin Jones and Nate Johns give us their insight on both cities. 

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Jorge Castellanos