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The Shanghai Show

6 | Drag King of Shanghai

On this episode:

  • Jorge went out to the More than Aware auction and hosted for 1,000 of the best people of Shanghai
  • Halloweenies out at Dogtown's Block Party and their favorite costumes of the night
  • Send us photos of your costume at #theshanghaishow or at Top costume wins The Shanghai Show swag (t-shirts, stickers, etc)
  • Interview with Ennis F.W. about:
    • Growing up in Va Beach, VA
    • The Drag community in Shanghai
    • What makes a Drag King different from a Drag Queen
    • The LGBTQ community in Shanghai
    • We put Ennis through the ringer of tough guy situations 
    • and of course a round of Push the Button
  • Recommendations for the Week: Sun Kil Moon at the QSW Center, Tickets for Wicked in April 2017 are out now and check out the show Westworld if you haven't already!

Ennis teaches Lea the art of 'Kinging'

Get more info on Ennis F.W.

Check out Ennis' amazing work below

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