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The Shanghai Show

TSS | 14 | Improv with Friends

On this episode:

We talk about:

  • Cliche phrases in China that get under our skin from expats and Chinese alike such as:
    • "this is China", "this is a developing country", "You know...China is actually more free than ____"
  • This week instead of an interview, we brought in a good friend to improv a character with us. He introduces us to Frog Buttman, the lead singer from Labrador, a 1997 rock tribute band that only plays in Bandit County (Minhang District, Puxi) and Perry's. We get in to his background and let's just say, he's an interesting man. 
  • Lea get's in to all the news we need to know such as:
    • The amazingly terrible New Year's dinners held by some of the largest companies in China
    • Is it cute when parents have to apologize for their babies on planes?
    • The German government is going to be paying for prostitutes for the elderly
    • The new Nintendo Switch, Charlie's nerdgasm and how Jorge can't handle stressful video games
      • Special thanks to our good friend Nate Johns for coming in and introducing us to Frog Buttman and helping us out with the news.  

Jorge Castellanos