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The Shanghai Show

7 | Shanghai Comic Con

On this episode:

  • The gang gives their final thoughts on the American election
  • What do we call Bill Clinton if he becomes the first spouse?
  • How the American political system seems...just sad now
  • Lea's take on the election and how she thinks Bill Clinton is hot
  • SPONSOR: Expats for Trump
  • Jorge and Charlie go out to Shanghai Comic Con!
    • We play the Comic Con version of Push the Button
    • Interview with Marvel Studios artist, Joyce Chin (Her work for Marvel here)
  • News from the Front with Lea where we discuss:
    • Two Australians who sneak in to North Korea to play golf
    • How instant noodles are making you gay!
    • Beijing flight rerouted back to Hong Kong because of pollution
    • The new Uber app
  • and much much more!

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